Reasons why Lonavala is still one of the best places

It’s not a surprise that Lonavala has been written off as old-school or not the hottest spot to escape to anymore. Being conveniently close to Mumbai, about 96 kilometers, it is often first of the few suggestions for a quick trip to cool off. Hence, people have been going there since ages, exploring almost every aspect of it. It’s bound to happen; they’re bound to want to move on.But here are 6 reasons why they shouldn’t.

Monsoons are the loveliest in Lonavala; the mixture of soft green under your feet and cool mist fanning your face never falls short.

Everything is fun when a visit to a place can be made into a road trip that one can take and still be home in time for dinner.

Tiger hills provide for a complete entertainment kit with lush green hills, cool breezy hilltops and surprisingly hot pakoras with tea.

The long, quiet, empty roads leading up to the hills are perfect for both long rides and long walks.

The weather is almost always pleasant. It’s astounding how the hills do that.



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